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In Energy and Environmental Justice, Tristan Partridge reconnects energy research with the radical, reflexive, and transformative approaches of Environmental Justice. Global patterns of energy production and use are disrupting the ecosystems that sustain all life, disproportionately affecting marginalized groups. Addressing such injustices, this book examines how energy relates to structural issues of exploitation, racism, colonialism, extractivism, the commodification of work, and the systemic devaluing of diverse ‘others.’ The result is a new agenda for critical energy research that builds on a growing global movement of environmental justice activism and scholarship. Throughout the book the author reframes ‘transitions’ as collaborative projects of justice that demand structural change and societal shifts to more equitable and reciprocal ways of living. 

In their review of the book, Julie Sze (author of Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger) wrote: "Partridge’s synthesis is incredibly important. The book is short and readable, and re-centers energy through work and politics, foregrounds indigenous, racial and gender perspectives, and usefully explains what justice, transition, and degrowth means grounded in everyday struggles. This book should be used in many classrooms and organizing spaces.”

Corrie Grosse (author of Working across Lines: Resisting Extreme Energy Extraction) wrote: “This accessible and concise handbook should be required reading for every student in environmental studies and related fields… Its synthesis of ideas, methodologies, and recommendations for a critical energy justice research agenda are valuable for scholars who wish to be accomplices in community struggles that refuse oppression and generate new relationships.”

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