Deadline: March 15, 2024 at noon

The Nancy Gallagher Best Undergraduate Essay Prize in Middle East Studies is given annually for undergraduate papers on topics in Middle East Studies. Awarded papers are conducted with careful research producing imaginative arguments. The prize is named in honor of UCSB Professor Emerita Nancy Gallagher, a historian of the Middle East and North Africa, who helped build the thriving intellectual community that is CMES. Open to all UCSB Undergraduates, who are currently registered students. Students applying must have attended one quarter of the 2023-24 academic year. Awards up to $1,000 will be presented each year to the recipients of this prize. Click header for more info & instructions to apply.

Based on a survey of faculty affiliates of AGI’s member centers, this series of programs throughout AY 2023-24 will help Faculty Collaborative Research Teams go through the steps to 1) conceive, plan, write grant proposals 2) identify appropriate funding agencies and engage with program officers throughout development of grant proposals, and 3) submit major grant proposals for extramural funding within the next 18 months.