Event Flyer

Thursday April 20 at Loma Pelona Center & Friday April 21 at State Street Room UCen

The Conference "Political Reconfigurations, Cultural Practices, and Artistic Manifestations of First Nations of the (Abya Yala) Americas" to be held at UCSB April 20- 21, 2023. A stellar and committed group of artists, leaders, and activists will be presenting, such as Dr. Elisa Loncón Antileo, Professors Enrique Fernando Nava López (UNAM Anthropological Research Institute) and Eduardo Matos Moctezuma (Mexican Language Academy). Among the poets we have Mapuche-Huilliche Roxana Miranda Rupailaf, and Natalia Todelo, the first woman to write and publish in Zapotec. And, UCSB Prof. Giovanni Batz. Find more information here and the full program here.