Event Flyer

McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

"New Approaches to Traditional Chinese Food Culture: A Workshop" will be held on March 9-10,  organized by Thomas Mazanec and Wandi Wang. This in-person workshop, featuring papers by 15 leading scholars from 11 institutions across the globe, will bridge sinology and food studies, presenting innovative approaches to the intersection of food and culture in China from the fifth to the twentieth century. It will demonstrate how food studies can enrich the understanding of historical Chinese literature, religion, history, medicine, and material culture, and how methods from these disciplines can bring new questions to food studies.

In-person attendance is open to all, but registration is required (form here) by March 4. This is an in-person workshop, so there will be no Zoom component.

Funding for this event comes from the Geiss-Hsu Foundation, Umami Papa, the International Chinese Gastronomy Culture Foundation, the Association for the Study of Food and Society, Google Giving, the Society for Song Yuan and Conquest Dynasty Studies, and UCSB's College of Letters and Sciences, East Asia Center, Graduate Center for Literary Research, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, and its Departments of History, Religious Studies, and East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies.